energy monitoring system

Energy Monitoring Software

Measuring the energy consumption of your company is essential to explore new energy saving opportunities. Analyzing your energy enables you to make informed decisions for future investments.
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invoice control

Invoice control

ePortal is a hands-on tool for invoice control and to re-distribute energy invoices to subclients, making sure you only pay the consumed energy.
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building management eportal

Building Management Systems

ePortal can smoothly be integrated with Building Management Systems or SCADA's to make sure that your energy consumption is optimized, monitored and analyzed.
budget analyses eportal

Budget Analysis

ePortal gives detailed insight in your energy consumption. It allows budget control and energy management by exception predefined alarms.
project opvolging Project tracking

Project tracking

Energy monitoring and budget analysis are powerful tools for post calculations of prior investments and cost allocation. What's more, developing business cases for future investments never has been so easy!
iso ISO50001

ISO50001 embedded

By fixing targets and objectives, combined with a system that measures your results, continuous improvement is within reach!