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Energy monitoring

Système de surveillance énergétique

What is an energy monitoring system?

Installing an energy monitoring software package will enable you to obtain a detailed picture of the energy consumption of your business, building or organisation. An exhaustive analysis of what you use and when you use it will make it possible for you to adjust your business processes in such a way that they achieve optimum energy efficiency. In addition, monitoring your energy also allows you to make informed decisions about future investments in machines, cold stores and lighting, as well as building occupation, production, etc. The purpose of an energy monitoring system is to provide information for management, so that the relationship between energy consumption and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be determined. This can be worked out by:

  • identifying and explaining fluctuations in energy consumption;
  • providing a graphical insight into the consumption profiles and linking this to pre-established budgets;
  • estimating future energy consumption in the event of expanding production or capacity;
  • developing a detailed and accurate budget and targets for energy.
Energie monitoring software

Why use an energy monitoring?

Implementing an energy monitoring system in your business or organisation and taking into account the insights and analyses will optimise its energy performance.

Introducing suitable measures will reduce your energy costs (this could be up to 15 % of the energy consumption, depending on the measures adopted). This also has the indirect effect of reducing the generation of greenhouse gases, which is beneficial for emissions.

Having created a detailed insight into your energy consumption enables you to apply a directed budget to production (or just to certain parts of it), thereby contributing to leaner management.

Energy monitoring system

How do we do it?

Because ePortal was created from the experience of Emaze – Energy Consultancy, we apply the same working method to installing the software package as to preparing our study bureau activities. Making a thorough estimate of how energy monitoring can contribute to managing your energy bills and where the possible bottlenecks could be when installing the software package are of essential importance to us, which is why we always schedule a site visit to do this. We then assist you in purchasing suitable energy meters and together with you we determine which data you can consult.

The flexibility of our software allows the structure of the dashboards, the types of graph and their colours to be fully personalised. We therefore discuss with you the way in which the dashboards are assembled and how the channels are configured. Finally, we perform a calibration phase, which checks the validity of the values.

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Would you like more information?

If you have any additional questions about the way we install ePortal energy monitoring software for your business, what the benefits for you are and how everything is done technically, please do not hesitate to contact us via any of the means shown below.

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